The Bankruptcy Process

Imagine you have a toothache. You would want to seek out a qualified dentist to help explain and help fix the problem, right?

Now, imagine you are faced with overwhelming debt. This kind of stress can easily take over your life and dominate your thoughts as well. To achieve peace of mind and much needed debt relief, isn’t it in your best interest to contact a qualified bankruptcy attorney who can help explain the bankruptcy process and help you navigate this legal option successfully if you qualify? You want someone who will help you avoid wage garnishments and losing assets, and help you file for bankruptcy petition successfully the first time to avoid delay and additional costs. You also want someone who looks at your total situation to see if bankruptcy is really the best option for you.

The law office of Richard I. Isacoff, P.C., is here to help you achieve a fresh financial start. Contact Attorney Isacoff’s Pittsfield law office today by phone, 413-443-8164, or e-mail. You can discuss the details of your situation during a free initial consultation with a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer.

The reason the bankruptcy process has been put in place by the federal government is to protect debtors from creditors. These protections are to give debtors options about how to manage their debt and repay creditors while still being able to retain certain assets and get their financial foundation back on solid ground. Although there used to be a stigma surrounding bankruptcy, people would be surprised to find out about friends and neighbors who have filed for protection. It is a legal remedy used by people from all walks of life.

Pittsfield bankruptcy attorney Richard I. Isacoff knows that primary reasons people file for protection from creditors are often not voluntary:

  • Medical bills and illnesses
  • Loss of a job or substantial reduction in hours
  • A birth or death in the family
  • A two-income household becoming a one-income family
  • Divorce
  • A child with special needs that drains resources
  • Overwhelming credit card debt and other obligations

What Are the Steps in the Bankruptcy Process?

The first step in your bankruptcy proceedings is to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your unique needs with Lawyer Isacoff. During this consultation, he will review your situation and any applicable financial documents to determine if Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or other debt relief options are the right strategy for you.

Should you qualify for and choose to file a Chapter 7 petition, he will assist in gathering all necessary documentation and completing the required paperwork. Because you are granted immediate benefits upon your filing, he works to complete this step as quickly and effectively as possible. If Chapter 13 is the right path for you, he will help you structure a repayment plan that the court and creditors will accept, while also helping you retain your assets.

Once your petition is filed, the bankruptcy court will process it, schedule a meeting with your creditors and appoint a trustee to oversee your proceedings.

Richard I. Isacoff will be right by your side throughout every step of the process, and he will appear with you at the meeting of creditors, usually a formality that allows your creditors to dispute the filing. He will also advocate on your behalf during any required court hearings or meetings.
How Long Does the Process Take?

From start to finish, the bankruptcy process can have you debt-free in as little as four to six months, though the length of your proceedings depends on your individual situation. Mr. Isacoff is also committed to helping people realize that there is life after bankruptcy, and he provides comprehensive credit counseling and budget planning to help people stay on track and thrive.
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