Residential Real Estate

Representing Your Family in Real Estate Transactions

Most real estate transactions involve extensive and confusing terms and conditions. Protect your investment by speaking with an experienced and skilled real estate attorney.

During his three decades of successful legal practice in western Massachusetts, real estate lawyer Richard I. Isacoff has also served as a bank president and a mortgage broker. To this day, he maintains his status as licensed real estate broker. There could be no better place to turn to than his real estate law practice in Pittsfield when real estate matters arise.

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Richard I. Isacoff, P.C., can provides experienced and reputable counsel when you have a real estate needs. Because of his background, Attorney Isacoff:

Encourages independent appraisals
Reviews credit histories
Distinguishes and explains adjustable versus fixed rates

From the starting point of your residential or commercial transaction to the closing documents you need, Attorney Isacoff provides diligent assistance every step along the way.

You could be a buyer or seller, borrower or lender, or a realtor. Richard I. Isacoff’s reputation for assisting with smooth real estate transactions can work for you.
Personal Services for Your Family or Business Real Estate Needs

Richard Isacoff’s background as a mortgage broker and banker is a definite asset in working through the underwriting and writing of loans, reviewing loans, mortgage origination, mortgage banking questions and foreclosures.
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When your real estate dream, family happiness or business’ success are at stake, Mr. Isacoff is here to help make them realities.