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by Elvis on October 18, 2013

By Richard I. Isacoff of Richard I. Isacoff, PC posted in Health Care Insurance on Monday, June 17, 2013. [Sample Bog Post}

After going through the ordeal of breaking my kneecap in half (“transverse fracture of the patella” – through and through), and the rehab and the BILLS from medical treatments, I can report that we (at least in Northeast) have great healthcare IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. Even with so-called RomneyCare here in MA, where I pay Health Care Insurance premiums of $770/mo to BCBS for a $1000 deductible HMO Plan (“HMO Blue $1,000”), the co-pays & deductibles can be a killer if you are not prepared. I WASN’T.

The chart above shows the Federal Poverty Level for individuals and families

  • Lessons: Have Health Care Insurance -State, Fed, private – even a catastrophic coverage policy.
  • Do Not break your kneecap in half -it hurt like H-E-(“double hockey sticks”).
  • If you do, call an ambulance and go to the Emergency Room.
  • Once you are diagnosed and are cleared for Physical Therapy DO IT. Don’t be a malingerer. Learn what you need to do and do it. Get released as soon as possible BUT ONLY if you will keep up the regimen.
  • LET YOUR U.S. REPRESENTATIVE KNOW YOU WANT THE HOUSE G.O.P. TO STOP TRYING TO REPEAL THE HEALTHCARE LAW (called – ObamaCare but real name THE PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT). The argument that the cost will be too high might be a good line to get employers to oppose it and to help the GOP keep control of the House of Reps, but it’s DUMB.

We need an overhaul of the healthcare system but not to go to a U.K. style National Health System (NHS).
The cost of Health Care Insurance if you are under or near the poverty line is very-low. In MA, the is free care plans for those under the poverty level and nominal cost plans for those up to 150% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (“FPL”) This is the basis for the Affordable Care Act (follow the link for a description)

Are there any perfect answers? NO – NOT EVEN CLOSE but we have to start. Tell your Senators and Representatives to stop the partisan childishness and acknowledge reality: We are in debt as a nation but delaying healthcare will just make the costs of such care skyrocket.

Remember that for medical bills, as a last financial & debt management step, there is Bankruptcy. Try to avoid it but not at the cost of continued hardship due to uninsured medical costs. And as an added push, tell them that there is karma or God or intelligent design, or… IT’LL GET YA!

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